June Issue: New VSO Media Player Special, customize your program, how to improve video image quality

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Awesome new VSO Media Player update
Our Media Player just got seriously revamped, with great features that make it the perfect (and FREE) tool to watch videos, audio and even pictures on your PC. You can now choose a playback speed, enhance image with new filters and deinterlacing. 
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Check out some of VMP's greatest features
Plays any video, audio and pictures (as a slideshow)
Speed up or slow down video playback
New filters and deinterlacing method for image enhancement
Make a screenshot and extract key frames from a video scene
Add subtitles and customize their display
Manage, create and save playlists
new VMP video guide
Discover at a glance why VMP is the media player your PC was waiting for with our new animated video!
Watch the video
New classy design, new options:
at last an intuitive and versatile Media Player! 
Download VMP now for free
Customize your software theme
customize your software 
Don't settle for a boring interface: you can now customize the  color of the theme, buttons, tabs of the software to your liking!
Access the "Advanced theme settings" from "Settings" "General" "Interface" and play around with the hue, saturation and contrast settings until you reach the perfect colour.
Did you know?
How to improve video image qualitY
If you have an "old" video, VHS tape or footage with a bad or unstable image, don't despair and act now!
While no miracles can be made, our post processing engine can really improve the image quality of your videos. Give it a try, it works like a magic wand! 
Get a better image
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